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Search Criteria:

Use only the two bottom fields (under 'Material Master') to search. All other fields (found under 'Report Criteria') are auto-populating - There is no need to enter anything here.

To search using the "Material" field, simply enter the full SKU of the product you are searching for. You may also use a 'wild card' search by entering a portion of the SKU, surrounded by asterisks (*123456*). Searching using this method pulls up the corresponding MSDS for each available packaging size, as well as MSDS for products sharing this base number in its SKU, across all Zep brand categories.

To search using the "Description" field, type the product's exact name in the search box. If you are not sure how the product's full name appears in the system, a "wild card" search may be used again. Place asterisks at the beginning, end, and between each word searched (E.G. If searching for Zep Glass Cleaner, enter *zep*glass*cleaner*, or simply *glass*cleaner*.)

Be aware, some product names are abbreviated in the portal, and therefore the full product name may not appear when searched via the "Description" option. Therefore, it is typically best to use the "wild card" search function with the product code entered in the "Material" field.